Fourth Grade Links

Social Studies Projects
Southeast Region Canva Projects
Midwest Region Canva Projects - Ms. Plapp and Mrs. Weinberger's Class
Midwest Region Canva Projects - Mr. Kreiner and Mrs. Tompkins

Inside Out and Back Again

Historical Fiction

Riding Freedom

Snow Treasure and Number the Stars

George Washington's Socks

Belle Teal​

Traditional Literature

Google Drive for Students

Math Support:

Find the Function
The Quotient Cafe
Product Game
Equivalent Fractions Game

Inchy Picnic

Haunted House - One False Move

Bridges Family Support
Method in Multiplying Madness

Scale of the Universe
Hoop Shot

Math Games:

Fraction Game

Social Studies subscription

Multiple Intelligences:  

Multiple Intelligence Quiz

Research Martin Luther King Biography

The First Thanksgiving

Online timeline

Electricity Sites:

BBC Circuits and Conductors
Energy Quest Room
Frankenstein's Lightening Laboratory
Blobz Guide to Electrical Circuits
All About Electricity
Electrical Safety World Videos for Kids

Place the State Game:

Match the states and capitals:


We're Moving - But Where (Resources)

Political Science


Explore Immigration Data

We're Moving...But Where? (Resources)
Fun Things to Do
Quick Facts about States Links to State Websites - with more information
History, Economy, Government and Fun Things to Do
Links to web pages with information on:
Geography, HIstory, Fun Things to Do, Economy, Political Science
Compare cost of living
Economy, Political Science (education), Economy (Real Estate)
Geography, Economy
Geography, Economy, Fun Things to Do
Gives many facts comparing States and across States
Political Science (Education), Economy
This site links to state sites that cover different categories depending on the state.
Geography, Fun Things to Do
Geography, Economy
Geography, Economy, Political Science (transportation)
Compare taxes by state
Political Science
United States Database
Geography, Economy, Political Science, Fun Things to Do