2018 reado

Lake Bluff Elementary School now has a summer reading assignment!

All of our students will read 5 books over the summer and write the titles on their K-2 or 3-5 READO board. 

You choose the row and the books! Be sure to write the title of each book you read and get a parent to initial for each book. Beginning readers can count books read TO them, of course!

Complete 1 “READO” by Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

Spanish Instructions 
Haga click aquí  para obtener las instrucciones en español.
Los alumno tiene que entregar su tarea de READO martes 28 de agosto de 2018.

“READO” = 5 boxes in a row  (across, down, diagonal)  OR just choose 5 squares! 5 squares is 5 books=ASSIGNMENT DONE!

However, you don’t need to stop there-- three READO’s will earn you a prize.  

Like a challenge?  Fill your whole board, earn a special prize and be entered in the raffle for a DELUXE prize!

1.  Read 5 texts (listening, being read to, magazines, websites, etc. all count!)
2.  Write the title of each book in the box that best describes the book. 
3.  Ask your parent to initial the box. 
4.  Return the LBES Summer READO board to your teacher by Tuesday, August 28. 

Need a READO board?
K-2 READO Board *2nd graders may choose to complete K-2 or 3-5 Board
3-5 READO Board *5th graders may choose to complete 3-5 or 6-8 Board
6-8 READO Board

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Contact: Kellie Bae - Director of Curriculum/LBMS Assistant Principal