Facilities Use Forms

pdf icon Use of Facilities Form

School Community Relations Use of School Facilities:

Since the District 65 schools belong to the people of the school district, and since plant facilities are established, maintained and operated by tax funds, the Board accepts the responsibility for making the public schools of Lake Bluff School District 65 available to service organizations for appropriate activities which do not infringe upon, nor interfere with, the conduct and best interests of the school system.It is the Board's intention to grant the use of public school facilities under the Superintendent's direction in accordance with the following procedures. The Superintendent or his designee may deny requests for use of the facilities if the request is deemed inappropriate. Additions, deletions or changes to this procedure may be made only by Board action.

Potential Costs:

Coupled with the usage of school facilities are the potential costs associated, based on type and location of entity renting. The costs include, but are not limited to, hourly facility rental fee (which covers costs associated with cleaning, normal repairs, facilities wear and tear, and scheduling/administrative costs), supervision/representative costs, and utility costs charged after normal building office hours on weekdays and any time on weekends and holidays.Additional fees may be charged for costs of damage or repair as a result of a particular event or activity or for violations of rental requirements or rules. Types of Organizations and Groups Permitted to Use School Facilities A. Class A School Related Organizations: Free usage of buildings is to be limited to Lake Bluff School District 65.